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Exciting times at Alien Golf! We are very busy developing new technology to take your game to even higher levels. We will be sharing this information with you soon.

July 2009

Alien Golf is excited to be back in the game. We are committed to developing golf products for every level of golfer.


The new G-180 for example is just the beginning of a new series of innovations from Alien Golf. With the Patented GYROSOPTIC WEIGHT RING DESIGN, the Alien Golf G-180 series of Hybrids are accurate out of the fairway to the flagstick with unparalleled consistency.


We are proud to introduce the ‘Advantage” Hybrid set, also available in single hybrids. The geometric design of the head creates a ‘Draw Bias’ helping the clubface close up through the impact zone more quickly than conventional designs. With the use of the combination of Tungsten, titanium, and stainless steel, the design makes for a very playable club. More details on this website.


Stay tuned for new product introductions and developments from Alien Golf.

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